• Benefits / Rules of the Game

Benefits / Rules of the Game

The Benefits of using KB Design & Promotion Ltd above other Promotional Gift Companies:

· We Provide a Friendly and Efficient Service

· Our Dedicated Sales Teams:
Providing a more Personal Service, you will not be moved around between Sales people

· We have a Far East Office, allowing us to Source Items Direct at a Much Lower Cost

· Our Sales Team attend Trade Shows abroad, bringing back New and Original Ideas for your promotional products.

· We Provide Mock Up Visuals with your Company Logo on your chosen items before you place your order, giving Ideas to help with decisions

· Our Can & Will Do Attitude

· We are always Open and Honest.  If there is a problem, we let you know, presenting you with available Options/Solutions to Resolve the problem.

· We never leave you “High & Dry”

· Our Excellent Customer Service Record

· We have Experience in Dealing with Warehouse/Distribution Centre Deliveries/Fulfilment and Collation

· We have Experience in Dealing with Pharmaceutical Companies and Strict Governing Body Guidelines


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Rules of The Game



- Accept that you as an individual are truly responsible for your actions and outcomes

· You will always speak the truth

· What you promise is what you deliver

· You will communicate any potential broken agreements at the first opportunity

· You will acknowledge what is being said as true for the speaker at that moment

· You will take responsibility for responses to your communication

· You will only ever discuss concerns in private with the person involved

· You will have willingness to win and allow others to win... win/win

· You will be flexible in your work, able to change if what you are doing is not working

· You will ask for help when you need it

· You will be compassionate to those who ask you for help

· You will be consistent in your actions so that your customers and colleagues can feel comfortable in dealing with you at all times

· We support decisions made by our team

· We encourage each other

· We have an "Above The Line" environment

· We are an open and honest team

· We always look for a win/win solution

· We respect & treat each member of the team, as we would wish to be respected and treated

· We understand that communication is key and communicate on a regular basis to keep each other fully up to date

· We respect each others' views

· We remain loyal to our commitments

· We remain 100% present at all times

· We accept to working within these parameters and will always give our best for the company, clients and suppliers