ABPI Compliant


KB Design are aware of the ABPI Code of Practice, and regularly get updates from the PMCPA to ensure we can give our clients the best advise.

We still provide many of our pharmaceutical clients with products which are in line with the ABPI as per the following guidelines:

1. Items for health professionals which are to be passed on to patients, and which are part of a formal patient support programme.

2. Health professionals and appropriate administrative staff attending scientific meetings and conferences, promotional meetings and other such meeting may be provided with notebooks and pens and pencils for use at such meetings.

3. Medical and educational goods and services which enhance patient care, or benefit the NHS and maintain patient care, can be provided.

4. All items given to health professionals must be inexpensive, and directly benefit patient care. They may bear the name of the company providing them.

In addition to these, we can also supply many non-promotional products and services which aren’t restricted, including:

5. Items for internal use such as training or recruitment days, and staff awards.

6. Table cloths and banners for exhibitions or events.

7. Printed literature

8. Bespoke point of sales stands or dispensers

9. Bespoke packaging solutions

10. Graphic design services

 Here are a selection of products that comply within the guidelines.  Please contact us for many more ideas!